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Car Light Tint Leamington Spa: The Different Shades We Offer

Light Tint

A light tint is for those who want something a little more reserved. It’s not as noticeable as a medium or dark tint; however, still enough to get people's attention.

Medium Tint

A medium tint is the next step up from a light tint. People will clearly see your headlights have been modified.

Dark Tint

A dark tint is for those who want to go all out. It completely transforms the look and feel of your car, making it stand out wherever you go. When applying a dark tint, we always ensure it doesn’t dim more than 50% of the light.

Other Tints We May Offer (On Request)

Vvivid Headlight Tint

Chameleon Headlight Tint

Honeycomb Headlight Tint

Yellow Headlight Tint

FAQ Section

What’s The Point Of Tinting Headlights?

Tinting your windows has numerous benefits; however, headlight tints are mainly for aesthetic reasons. You’ll be surprised how different tinting headlights can make your car look.

Are You Allowed To Tint Headlights?

Yes, there is no law that says headlights can’t be tinted in the UK. As long as the light emitted is not a different color, you’re all good.

Does Tinting Your Headlights Reduce Light?

Yes, tinting headlights does reduce light. However, the law states that headlights can’t be dimmed by more than 50%. Our team is always following government guidelines and will ensure your car is road legal upon completion.

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