De Chrome Leamington Spa

What Is De-Chroming (Chrome Delete)?

De-Chroming, also known as a chrome delete, is the process of removing the chrome from a vehicle. It is then wrapped in black. Some parts of the car, such as the grille, are sprayed rather than wrapped. This ensures there is no peeling while also reducing wear and tear. De-Chroming looks even better when combined with dark tinted windows.

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We are located in Coventry and operate on a booking system. Therefore, you will need to give us a call to enquire about chrome delete for your vehicle. We are happy to provide a FREE quote!

The Cars We Work On The Most…

We have experience working on all types of cars. However, Mercedes and Audi de chrome are our most popular.

Why You Should Consider It…

Makes Your Car Stand Out

You’d be surprised how much removing and replacing the chrome on your vehicle can make a difference. It gives your car a ‘black-out’ look, especially if you decide to get black rims, headlights, and windows.

Provides Additional Protection

The vinyl wrap placed over the chrome actually offers an extra layer of protection. It protects the original chrome, keeping it in pristine condition. And the best thing? You can get the vinyl wrap removed at any time.

Less Money Than A Re-Paint

If the chrome parts of your vehicle are damaged, it costs less for a chrome delete than it does a re-paint.

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