Car De Badging Leamington Spa

Removing Car Badges In Leamington Spa: Why Bother?

The main reason why people de-badge their cars is because it provides a ‘cleaner look’, similar to window tinting. It also makes your car much easier to clean. A less common reason people de-badge their car is to make it appear less valuable to prevent theft.

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Is De Badging A Car Illegal?

No, de badging a car is not illegal. In addition, it won’t affect your insurance or cause you to get pulled over by the police.

The Benefits Of De Badging

Doesn’t Affect Resale Price

De badging a car doesn’t increase the resale value; however, it doesn’t decrease it either. If the new owner wants the badges re-installed, it’s not a difficult or time-consuming job.

It’s Easy

De badging a car is relatively easy. Unless you have lots of badges that need removing, it shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes.

Not Too Expensive

If you’re looking to remove a badge from your vehicle, pricing starts at £30. The more badges that need to be removed, the higher the price. The type of badge and vehicle type also make a difference.

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